Momma’s Boy: How to Love Your Wife through Loving Mary

St. Louis De Montfort talks about how Mary is the “safest, easiest, shortest and most perfect way of approaching Jesus.” In essence, Mary is the ultimate connector because she connected us with Jesus at the Nativity and she continues to connect the Church with the Divine as the co-mediatrix and spiritual mother of us all. This connection is also very present within the sacrament of marriage. In this talk, I guide men toward growing their love for Mary so as to better love their wives as a result.

The Theology of Work

Ever since the Garden of Eden, humans have been cursed (and blessed) with the requirement of work. This talk explains the Theology of Work and its importance to the Church. It explores the limits, psychological benefits, and the vocation of your current job. On top of that, it provides efficiency secrets and discernment tips regarding your call to serve God through your work.

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