“T.J. Burdick is smart, faithful, passionate, and a gifted teacher and blogger–precisely the sort of leader we need for the New Evangelization.”

Brandon Vogt, Content Director @ Word on Fire

“T.J.’s passion for the Catholic Faith shines through in his speaking, writing, and online interactions with Catholics and non-Catholics alike.”

-Devin Rose, Author of The Protestant’s Dilemma

“T.J. Burdick is a fresh voice in the New Evangelization—and one of the pioneering voices of a new generation of Catholics. In taking the gospel from the printed page to the screen  — the computer and tablet screen! — T.J. is showing us exciting new ways to tell the Greatest Story Ever Told, and he’s doing it with an infectious and disarming kind of joy.”

-Deacon Greg Kandra, Aleteia.org


“T.J. Burdick is a gifted Catholic disciple with a strong appeal to youth, young adults, and teachers. He communicates both wisdom and enthusiasm in his speaking and writing.”

-Bert Ghezzi, Author of The Heart of Catholicism: Practicing the Everyday Habits That Shape Us


“T.J. Burdick is a breath of fresh air writing engaging articles in this exciting time of the Catholic Church.  Utilizing the online resources around, he is available to communicate difficult topics easily to young adults and all ages.  He is in the vanguard of the New Evangelization.”

-Tito Edwards, National Catholic Register



“You’ve found TJ Burdick. That means you’re going to be laughing and thinking, scratching your head while you reconsider what you thought you knew, and enjoying yourself at every point along the way.”

-Sarah Reinhard, Author of A Catholic Mother’s Guide to Pregnancy



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