The Dumb Jock: How I Went from Semi-Pro Pagan to Professional Catholic Disciple

This is my reversion story. Growing up, I was blessed with a talent to play basketball. I build upon this foundation to rise to the semi-professional level and had my world shattered through multiple losses and despair. Basketball was my God. This talk takes how I went from a worldly lifestyle filled with sport, impure relationships and status to the true joy that can only be found through God’s mercy.

Discipline to Discipleship: How Sports Lead to a Greater Love for Christ

Basketball is filled with symbolism from the Divine: Three point plays and the Trinity, Shot-clocks and life spans, teamwork and community, training and formation, just to name a few. This talk brings the truth of sport to the forefront of an athlete’s life. If you are a sports nut or know someone who is, this talk will redirect your current understanding of sports toward the God who created it for your salvation.

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